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Your home – The baby’s healthcare centre

For centuries, caregivers have worked towards catering to the needs of children with utmost precision, responsibility, and affection. Each aspect ought of the newly born child, infants or toddler must be handled skillfully and must be well-planned. Like most schools of medicine, Ayurveda has paid special attention to the well-being of children. “Kumaaragaara”, which translates […]

Baby Ayurveda care Adorable little baby on the bed

29 features of your baby that indicate longevity

How can you assess the healthy development of your little baby? Ayurveda doctors believe that there are 29 aspects of her body that could throw some light in this regard. Let us assess these features. Facial aspects 1. Hair: It must appear discrete, soft, parse, unctuous, firmly rooted and black. 2. Skin: Your baby’s skin […]

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The chewing tube: Your baby’s best friend

Are your worried that your baby would not be able to chew and relist the food that you serve her Fear not! Recommended by’s in-house paedodontist, Deepesh Prajapathi,  the ‘chewing tube’ can help relieve you of the stress. What is it? A chewing tube is a tool that could help improve your little baby’s […]

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Celebrating and preparing for a little baby

The ancient texts have referred to each stage of life as ‘a unique gift from God’, including the birth of a child. Hence, it should be celebrated. These samskaras or sacraments include the various stages of prenatal care, namely: 1.Garbhadhana or the conception 2.Pumsavana or the protection of the foetus 3.Seemanta or the parting of the […]

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The Parents’ diary – Part 1

When sleep becomes a distant dream – by Shreelakshmi Abhishek Nair I still remember how excited I was to know that my little angle was soon going to be part of this wonderful world. Every visit to the doctor as well as an ultrasound session was as exciting as a carnival. Not only would my […]

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It’s all about the rains, your baby and you!

The rains are bound to leave you mesmerised. With the scent of the drenched, birds chirping and the kids splashing around in the mud, like ‘’merry” peacocks with their feathers spread-out. However, the monsoons also demand a great degree of caution. It is wiser to take a few precautions to prevent ailments such as the […]

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#100daychallenge – The last 10 days to Aim for the Name

Only 10 more days to go! The #100daychallenge – Aim for the Name has proven to be a fun experience for the young and old! In the past many weeks, we have compiled a list of over 100 baby names for your little prince and princess. But, don’t worry. Your time is not up until […]

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Xylitol gum wipes: For healthy baby teeth

Every parent craves for that day when their baby gives them that precious toothy grin! Indeed, it is adorable. In a nutshell, the apt dental care for your little one can assure you of many such happy moments. But how does one do so? This product could help you to a large extent. Keeping bacteria […]

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Baby names: The 5 dos and don’ts

“What’s in a name?’” say many. The truth – a name is a big deal! It is the first step towards becoming a unique individual.  In a world where animals and even vehicles are ” christened” by many, a person indeed has a right to do so too. The most challenging of the naming processes […]