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Healthy food for the lactating new mother

Insufficient breastmilk has been a concern for many yet-to-be mothers. Most often, it is the need to initiate the baby to formula feeds or any such supplements that leaves them worried and confused. Interestingly, 90% of the mothers, in the present era, ensure that their babies are solely breastfed until he or she turns seven-months-old. […]

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The breastmilk checklist: Things to know

Ayurveda elaborates on a unique yet scientific set of facts surrounding breastmilk. The scriptures present several details regarding the formation of breast milk, ejection and the quality of breastmilk. Breastmilk – quick facts The Ayurvedic texts state that the production of breastmilk takes place only three days after the woman delivers her baby. Until then, […]

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Feeding your baby: From breastmilk to solids

The initiation, duration, and exclusivity of breastfeeding depend greatly on the mother’s perception of ‘adequate breastmilk for her baby. Subsequent transition to semi-solids and solids is a decision that mothers take. How do you go about this transition. When do you start ?  Many mothers fear to practice exclusive breastfeeding due to: The belief that […]