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Baby Learning A cute picture of twins

Baby names: The 5 dos and don’ts

“What’s in a name?’” say many. The truth – a name is a big deal! It is the first step towards becoming a unique individual.  In a world where animals and even vehicles are ” christened” by many, a person indeed has a right to do so too. The most challenging of the naming processes […]

Baby development The feet of a little baby

Preserving your baby’s stem cells: The 5 types of questions

Stem cells banks have proven to be beneficial in many ways. Then again, the debates regarding its preservation have triggered a wide range of concerns related to its effectiveness as well as the costs incurred by the parent to do so. More importantly, the terms associated with stem cell research have often left many parents in […]

Baby Learning Baby at the day-care center

Day-care centers for babies

Day-care is one of the first decisions a modern parent needs to take. In modern households, its quite common to find that both parents are working and putting in long hours. At the same time parents wish the best for their children. They aspire that children learn to interact with other people, learn from the environment around […]