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34 signs to know that your baby needs help

Newborns are more susceptible to infections than children. It is important that you watch your baby carefully for any signs of illness. This is crucial, especially, during the first seven days of life. One must be able to identify the symptoms as the baby would not be able to express herself effectively! Feeding patterns are […]

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Kajal on your baby: A must or must not?

Babies are innocent and possess a great degree of charm, that it is impossible to resist them. So, it is mind-boggling to see how many mothers try hard to make their babies ‘more’ beautiful using cosmetics such as surma and kajal. We have to ask ourselves, is this necessary? Let us analyse the popular cosmetic. […]

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Baby eye care in the ‘touch’ era

Healthy eyes play a critical role in a child’s development One of the most unforgettable moments for a new parent is when their child looks at them for the first time. Although the innocent eyes are mesmerising, the visual abilities of a baby are not fully developed at the time of birth. Their capacity to […]