Baby diapers

Baby diapers A colourful diapers for babies

Choose – the best diaper for your baby

Wondering which diaper you could choose for your precious little person? Don’t worry.  We give you all the information about some of the best baby diapers in the market. Take a look at over 70 different types of diapers and make the wisest choice of them all.    

Baby diapers Baby Diaper Basics

Baby Diaper Basics

Just getting started on diapering? Get up to speed on diapering techniques with our step-by-step guides to using disposable and cloth diapers.

Baby diapers Cute baby with wearing a diaper

Does your baby have diaper-rash? Read this

  Diaper Dermatitis or Napkin Dermatitis is often seen on the buttocks of a baby. This infection could be caused by any type of candida or yeast. Causes There are several factors the cause such infection: The fungal infection is likely to occur if the baby is subject to prolonged exposure to urine. The baby is […]