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March 21, 2019

Your home – The baby’s healthcare centre

For centuries, caregivers have worked towards catering to the needs of children with utmost precision, responsibility, and affection. Each aspect ought of the newly born child, infants or toddler must be handled skillfully and must be well-planned.

Like most schools of medicine, Ayurveda has paid special attention to the well-being of children. “Kumaaragaara”, which translates to the children’s room, is one such concept related to this area of study. It is an example of exemplary pediatric management in the ancient days. The concept elaborates on different factors including the premises intended for confining children after birth, the nursery, the NICU or a pediatric ward. Thereby implying that pediatric care involves the combined effort of many experts like the architects of the hospital, neonatal staff, nurses and many more.

Interestingly, the ancient texts also give us details about the way in which a house could also ‘double-up’ as a nursing home for your baby.

Home – the baby’s very own ‘hospital’

Your home is your child’s ultimate place of comfort and happiness. It is, hence, important to know how you could ensure the safety and well-being of your little one even as she runs around joyfully and carefree within the premises.

Here are a few tips:

1. The place should be pleasant and properly ventilated

2. Your house should, ideally, be constructed in a precise manner and in relation to the astronomical concurrences.

3. The structure should be built in an auspicious place and at an auspicious. It should include objects that are symbolic of good luck and fortune.

4. There should be a playground and many toys to keep the child physically and mentally energetic as well as healthy.

5. It should be devoid of darkness and strong winds.

7. There should be adequate supply of water as well as other amenities.

8. It should not be accessible to pets, insects, wild animals etc. These could scare or harm the child.

9. The baby’s bed and seats should be made from materials that is ideal for all climatic conditions.

Rituals to protect the child

Ayurveda experts have also recommended a few rituals that could help sterilize the premises of your home. Thereby, protecting your child from any severe ailment.

One such ritual is the Raksha Vidhana. They also say that the ritual – Mangalam Homam – should also be performed before the child enters the house.
The faithfully ‘help’

The assistance of a good, loyal and faithful person while raising the child is indeed a relief to young mothers. This concept is referred to as Kumaradhara. The help is only one who is known to the family but also indulges in good and wholesome deeds. She is a role model in terms of lifestyle, character, and conduct. She is also pious and will take care of the child with a lot of dedication. She would also understand the mentality of the child.

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