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March 21, 2019

34 signs to know that your baby needs help

Newborns are more susceptible to infections than children. It is important that you watch your baby carefully for any signs of illness. This is crucial, especially, during the first seven days of life. One must be able to identify the symptoms as the baby would not be able to express herself effectively!

Feeding patterns are a reliable source of assessing your baby’s well-being. If your baby isn’t sucking well, she is likely to feel uneasy or uncomfortable.

Ayurveda physicians have listed over 30 conditions that you ought to look out for. Here are a few:

1. Headache

Your baby will roll her head more than required, close her eyes frequently, moan, and would become dull as well as be an insomniac

2. Earache

She will hold on to her ears with both the hands, roll her head, be dull. She is also likely to have anorexia and insomnia.

3. Diseases of mouth

Your baby will have excessive salivation, would be averse to breastfeeding, dull, and would also be experiencing pain and regurgitation.

4. Throat pain

She is likely to vomit breastmilk. She would also have a mild fever, poor appetite, weakness, and neck ache.

5. Fever

Your baby flexes her body frequently, yawns, coughs, clings to the mother, doesn’t consume breastmilk, has excessive salivation, discoloration, anorexia and has a warm forehead as well as cold feet.

6. Diarrhea

The signs include discoloration of body, uneasiness, fatigue, insomnia, and absence of flatus, loose stools.

7. Colic

Your baby refuses to have breastmilk, cries for long, sleeps in the supine position, has a certain stiffness in the abdomen region, feels cold and perspires.

8. Vomiting

She is likely to have causeless and repeated eructation, excessive sleep and yawning.

9. Dyspnoea

Your baby’s sighs would be hot, and she would be breathing heavy.

10. Thirst

She would not consume enough breastmilk. Her lips would be dry and palate. She would be desirous of water and weak.

11. Skin diseases

She is likely to have red patches on her body, feels thirsty, uncomfortable and has palliation with sweet and cold articles.

12. Eye diseases

Your baby will find it difficult to see. There would also be a certain degree of inflammation, pain as well as excessive lacrimation and redness. Her eyes get smeared with thick discharges while sleeping.

13. Itching (dry and wet)

The signs include – scratching of the body while sleeping, weeping, swelling and discharge, increased pain and burning sensations.

14. Indigestion

She experiences stiffness, anorexia. Your little one is likely to sleep excessively. Her body becomes pale too. She also becomes dull and develops an aversion to play, food.

15. Anemia

Your area around your baby’s umbilicus swells up. She would look rather. Her nails would also be deformed. She would show signs of a poor appetite. There would a certain yellowness of the eyes, nails, face, faeces and urine.

16. Cold

Your baby would breathe through her mouth breathing as well as have a running nose, a warm forehead. She would be sneezing and coughing too.

17. Insect bite

The little one does not sleep well at night and red spots appear over the body.

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