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March 21, 2019

29 features of your baby that indicate longevity

How can you assess the healthy development of your little baby? Ayurveda doctors believe that there are 29 aspects of her body that could throw some light in this regard.

Let us assess these features.

Facial aspects

1. Hair: It must appear discrete, soft, parse, unctuous, firmly rooted and black.

2. Skin: Your baby’s skin should be thick and not loose.

3. Head: Experts state that the size of the head has to be proportionate to other parts of the body and resembling an umbrella in shape.

4. Forehead: Her forehead must be broad, strong and compact, firmly attached to the temporal bones, and should have wrinkles as well as resemble the shape of a half-moon.

5. Ears: Your baby’s ears should appear to be thick, large, have even earlobes, downward elongations, bent towards back side, having compact tragus and having a big earhole.

6. Eyebrows: They should be growing downwards, separated from each other, equal in size, compact and large.

7. Eyes: Both her eyes should be of the same size, have a clear-cut division (of pupil, iris or black portion of the eye, sclera or white portion of the eye), strong, lustrous, and have beautiful apanga (corners of eyes).

8. Nose: It should be straight, capable of taking a deep breath, well ridged and slightly curved at the tip.

9. Mouth: Your baby should have a big mouth, that appears straight as well as two rows of teeth.

The sensations

10. Tongue: The little human being must have a tongue of a proper length and breadth, that is smooth, thin and endowed with natural colour.

11. Palate: It should be smooth, plump, hot and red.

12. Voice: Her voice should be profound, not sluggish. It should be sweet, have an echoed deep-toned as well as steady.

13. Lips: Neither very thick nor very thin, having adequate width, capable of covering the mouth cavity and red in colour.

The jaws, neck and chest

14. Jaws: They should be large.

15. Neck: It should be round and not very large.

16. Chest: The chest must be broad and plump.

17. Breasts: There should be space between both breasts.

18. Parsva or the side of the chest: The chest has to develop downwards and must be firm.

The back

19. Clavicles and Vertebral column: Both these parts of the body should be covered by the baby’s skin.

From the arms to the feet

20. Arms, thighs, fingers, toes: These should be round, healthy and extended.

21. Hands and legs: The hands and legs should be large and plump.

22. Nails: Your baby’s nails should be firm, round, unctuous and should appear coppery red. They should be properly elevated and convex like the shell of a tortoise. A newborn baby with long fingers and nails at birth is said to live for 60 yrs. The Sage Kashayapa describes nails and creases in the soles as well as the palms in determining prosperity in the future.

23. Umbilicus: This part of the body should be whirled clock-wise and well depressed.

24. Waist: Your baby’s waist should be less than 3/4th of the chest in circumference, even and plump (as well as muscular).

25. Buttocks: Her buttocks must be round, firm and plump. They should be neither excessively elevated nor excessively depressed.

26. Thighs: They must be tapering downwards, round and plump.

27. The Calf region: This part should neither be excessively plump nor too emaciated. It should resemble a deer’s calf region and have vessel bones as well as be covered by the joints.

28. Ankles: Her ankles should neither be excessively plump nor emaciated.

29. Feet: The feet, also, shouldn’t be too plump or emaciated. It should resemble the feet of a tortoise.

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