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Holding on to a baby's hand

34 signs to know that your baby needs help

Newborns are more susceptible to infections than children. It is important that you watch your baby carefully for any signs…

Mother and baby in a room

Dhaatri – a long lost breastfeeding practice?

Child-care during the first 12 months is a herculean task. More so if the mother is unable to spend ample…

A cute little baby's hands

Your home – The baby’s healthcare centre

For centuries, caregivers have worked towards catering to the needs of children with utmost precision, responsibility, and affection. Each aspect…

Adorable little baby on the bed

29 features of your baby that indicate longevity

How can you assess the healthy development of your little baby? Ayurveda doctors believe that there are 29 aspects of…

Cute little feet of a baby

Celebrating and preparing for a little baby

The ancient texts have referred to each stage of life as ‘a unique gift from God’, including the birth of…

A healthy mother and an active baby. Photo: Givith Abraham

Ayurveda baby care – Keeping the mother healthy

The health conditions of the mother and the baby are crucial during childbirth. Hence, Ayurveda prescribes the following practices to that…

Cute baby boy poses for his mother

Ayurveda & Baby care – an introduction

Ayurveda has gained wide recognition for its contribution to general medicine and surgery. However, only precious little is known about…

Adorable baby wrapped up in a blanket

What’s in a name -the Naming ceremony or Namkaran

The Namakarma Sanskar is usually held after the first 11 nights of a baby’s delivery.