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Baby names: The 5 dos and don’ts

“What’s in a name?’” say many. The truth – a name is a big deal! It is the first step towards becoming a unique individual.  In a world where animals and even vehicles are ” christened” by many, a person indeed has a right to do so too. The most challenging of the naming processes […]

#100daychallenge Cute shoes for little baby

The #100daychallenge – Over 50 names for your baby girl

Our #100daychallenge has resulted in a special collection of names for your precious little baby princess. Take a look at the many names for a baby girl, presented as part of the Aim for the Name challenge. All names with the letter A Aradhana          5. Anupama Aswathi Ashwika Arathi E for… Enayat […]

#100daychallenge A baby sitting before a computer

#100daychallenge – Over 50 names for your baby boy

It has been 50 days! And the #100daychallenge has become more exciting! Take a look at the many names for a prince, presented as part of the Aim for the Name challenge. All names with the letter A  Aarav Aarush Atharv Adithya Arnav Aakash The Big B Bhavin                  […]

#100daychallenge A baby sitting before a computer

The ultimate #100DayChallenge for baby names

Naming your little baby is truly a herculean task. Not only does a parent want their child to have the best of names in the world, they also wish to call their child by a name that is powerful and sometimes inspirational. presents the ultimate #100DayChallenge – called the ‘Aim for the Name.’ How […]

Baby Games Toys for your little baby

Baby and play time – Watch the video

Taking your baby to a toys store is no child’s play. Then again, the effort is worth it. Most one-year-olds are game to explore their surroundings. The excitement only exemplifies when they arrive at toy stores. Though the experience might seem exhausting at first, a toys store is often a parent’s ultimate place of solace. […]

Baby clothes Clothes for your baby boy

Joys of baby clothes

Baby clothes are galore for you munchkin. From Red Rompers to Dhotis, those dressing up little munchkins ,  especially mommies,have a wonderful time. Babies are the cutest persons in the whole wide world in any attire they adorn! How do you choose the best clothes for them ?

Baby Safety Diwali decorations for your house

Baby-proof homes this Diwali

At home with your baby on Diwali It is time for joyous  festive season. Diwali is that occasions when houses come alive with the lights and other decorations.The festivities are incomplete without the traditional Diya or lamps. The terracotta lamps, the vilakkus – name it and you are bound to use them. Rangolis also adorn […]

Baby photography Baby poses during Diwali celebrations

Diwali photography: 5 tips for a perfect baby photoshoot

A photographer, Diwali and babies Photographing babies is my most satisfying assignment. Lately, many parents seek the help of professional photographers to capture ‘the first moments’ of their child. Special occasions, such as Diwali, are ideal for baby photographers. Yes, parents enjoy watching their children grow-up! As a mother of two, I can say that only […]

Baby photography Baby photoshoot

Baby Moments – Baby photography

The dawn of Baby Photography The photography industry has grown immensely in recent years. It was wedding photography that began the trend with innovative shots during the ceremonies. Next, pre- and post-wedding photo shoots became a “thing”. And before you knew it, capturing baby bumps, the most memorable days in a woman’s life, became the […]

Baby Holiday Holidaying with your little baby

Planning a holiday with your little baby: A few pointers

It has been months since your last holiday, and both your spouse and you are ready to take your baby out on his or her first long outing. Here are 5 simple tips to make your holiday with your baby memorable, fun and truly special.