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preconception Pregnancy is a shared responsibility

Preconception care – the Dos and the Don’ts

Prenatal care is not only the responsibility of the pregnant mother but also of the entire family. This support system plays a crucial role in assuring the healthy lives of both the mother and baby. It is, hence, important, that the care and supervision are also provided during the preconception period as well. Why is […]

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Vaccination for your baby: 14 FAQs

A newborn baby’s ‘immature’ immune system, makes him or her vulnerable to many diseases. The vaccines are prepared from similar types of germs which produce these illnesses, to weaken or kill the germs. Thus, they help to combat ailments. Each dose, however, must be given as per the recommendations of the healthcare authorities of the […]

Baby Ayurveda care Annaprashanam ceremony or Chor Oonu ceremony at a temple in Kerala

How Indians introduce solid food to their babies

Indians, for generations, have celebrated every milestone of a human being’s life. The various customs associated with Indian culture are fine examples of such occasions. Interestingly, these are not mere traditions as most people deem them to be. On the contrary, each of these practices are governed by scientific and medical facts. To begin with, […]


Pets make your babies healthier, happier

The Baby Schema (aka the cuteness factor of a baby) has always grabbed the attention of a crowd. It is truly difficult to ignore the chubby cheeks and tiny hands of a little human being, even when the world is in a rush. No wonder that photographs or videos of animals and little babies playing […]

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Medication for mother and foetus: Part 2

(.. contd from Ayurveda Medication for mother and foetus) A new mother undergoes several physiological changes from the fourth month of her pregnancy till the time of her delivery. Let us take a look at the ways in which she can be assured for a healthy and smooth delivery. 27 grams of butter During the […]

Baby Ayurveda care A healthy mother and an active baby. Photo: Givith Abraham

Ayurveda baby care – Keeping the mother healthy

The health conditions of the mother and the baby are crucial during childbirth. Hence, Ayurveda prescribes the following practices to that assure the well-being of the woman and her baby. The pregnant woman’s regime Garbhini Paricharya or the ‘regimen of a pregnant woman’ refers to the monthly check-ups and instructions given by the medical expert. Dietary […]

Baby care A mother holding the feet of her baby

Feeding your baby: From breastmilk to solids

The initiation, duration, and exclusivity of breastfeeding depend greatly on the mother’s perception of ‘adequate breastmilk for her baby. Subsequent transition to semi-solids and solids is a decision that mothers take. How do you go about this transition. When do you start ?  Many mothers fear to practice exclusive breastfeeding due to: The belief that […]

Baby development The feet of a little baby

Preserving your baby’s stem cells: The 5 types of questions

Stem cells banks have proven to be beneficial in many ways. Then again, the debates regarding its preservation have triggered a wide range of concerns related to its effectiveness as well as the costs incurred by the parent to do so. More importantly, the terms associated with stem cell research have often left many parents in […]

Baby Ayurveda care A pregnant mother awaiting the birth of her baby

Ayurvedic medication for the mother and foetus

Ayurveda is the holistic science that perceives man as not a mere mortal of physical existence but a being with a body, mind and soul.  Thus, ayurveda applies a very holistic approach to pregnancy and its related ailments. The efforts, for a healthy progeny, do begin before its conception. It includes stabilizing the mother’s menstrual […]

Baby Ayurveda care Cute baby boy poses for his mother

Ayurveda baby care – an introduction

Ayurveda has gained wide recognition for its contribution to general medicine and surgery. However, only precious little is known about the Ayurveda baby care techniques. This article is an introduction to how alternative medicine looks at baby care and their advise. A brief history of Ayurvedic Pediatric care It is true that newborn and Pediatric […]