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34 signs to know that your baby needs help

Newborns are more susceptible to infections than children. It is important that you watch your baby carefully for any signs of illness. This is crucial, especially, during the first seven days of life. One must be able to identify the symptoms as the baby would not be able to express herself effectively! Feeding patterns are […]

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Dhaatri – a long lost breastfeeding practice?

Child-care during the first 12 months is a herculean task. More so if the mother is unable to spend ample time with her little baby. These moments often demanded the need for special assistance. Interestingly, early physicians believed in spreading motherly love to children by means of another mother-figure called Dhaatri. Dhaatri or a wet-nurse […]

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Your home – The baby’s healthcare centre

For centuries, caregivers have worked towards catering to the needs of children with utmost precision, responsibility, and affection. Each aspect ought of the newly born child, infants or toddler must be handled skillfully and must be well-planned. Like most schools of medicine, Ayurveda has paid special attention to the well-being of children. “Kumaaragaara”, which translates […]

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29 features of your baby that indicate longevity

How can you assess the healthy development of your little baby? Ayurveda doctors believe that there are 29 aspects of her body that could throw some light in this regard. Let us assess these features. Facial aspects 1. Hair: It must appear discrete, soft, parse, unctuous, firmly rooted and black. 2. Skin: Your baby’s skin […]

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Celebrating and preparing for a little baby

The ancient texts have referred to each stage of life as ‘a unique gift from God’, including the birth of a child. Hence, it should be celebrated. These samskaras or sacraments include the various stages of prenatal care, namely: 1.Garbhadhana or the conception 2.Pumsavana or the protection of the foetus 3.Seemanta or the parting of the […]

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It’s all about the rains, your baby and you!

The rains are bound to leave you mesmerised. With the scent of the drenched, birds chirping and the kids splashing around in the mud, like ‘’merry” peacocks with their feathers spread-out. However, the monsoons also demand a great degree of caution. It is wiser to take a few precautions to prevent ailments such as the […]

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Healthy food for the lactating new mother

Insufficient breastmilk has been a concern for many yet-to-be mothers. Most often, it is the need to initiate the baby to formula feeds or any such supplements that leaves them worried and confused. Interestingly, 90% of the mothers, in the present era, ensure that their babies are solely breastfed until he or she turns seven-months-old. […]

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Caring for your premature baby: Expert guidelines.

Babies born before 37 weeks of gestation are considered preterm or premature and are vulnerable to many complications due to the physical and physiological immaturity. Parents often find it difficult to care for the “preemies” due to various reasons. These babies are often unusually small and have specific nutritional and developmental needs. Why do premature […]

Baby food Adorable baby with a bowl of food

Complementary food for your baby: 7 guiding principles

Most parents are often puzzled by the various aspects of baby food. Questions related to the introduction of semi-solids, solids or even a combination of both have been some of the most common concerns. According to Amrita Desai, a child nutrition expert, your baby should be given the appropriate quantity of different foodstuffs at each […]

Baby food Ideal food for your baby

Food for infants: The homemade miracle grain

Did you know that some food for your infants is, in a sense, part of grandma’s kitchen recipe list? Child nutrition expert, Nidhi Mehta, explains how certain grains and pulses can be further enriched to assure your child of a healthy growth pattern. She says: Amylase Rich Food or ARF is a good complementary food […]