Every parent craves for that day when their baby gives them that precious toothy grin! Indeed, it is adorable. In a nutshell, the apt dental care for your little one can assure you of many such happy moments.

But how does one do so? This product could help you to a large extent.

Keeping bacteria at bay

Your munchkin is as curious as a little kitten. Anything with a unique texture is likely to attract her attention as well as her taste buds. The result – bacteria in the mouth as well as unhealthy teeth and gums. Hence, it is wiser to play it safe always.

Xylitol – A dentist’s friend

Dentists recommend the use of Xylitol Gum wipes to ensure the healthy development of your babies’ teeth and gums. For those lovely parents who are unaware of the substance called Xylitol, fear not. This is a natural substance with certain properties to combat dental cavities. Interestingly, Xylitol is only one of the ingredients used to prepare sugar-free chewing gum, mints and even candies.

Xylitol gum wipes for your baby

According to the American Academy of Paediatrics, gum wipes made of Xylitol are effective in preventing dental issues among infants. Experts also state that the consumption of Xylitol gel by mothers has proven to reduce incidences of cavities among their children till the age of 10. Also, it is safe for both adults and children.

Good, bad or ugly

A dentist and a father of a two-year-old boy, Dr Deepesh Prajapati expresses his views on Xylitol gum wipes:

Personally, I consider Xylitol gum wipes to be very efficient and ideal for a little baby, especially when the family wishes to travel often. It worked wonders on my two-year-old son. Parents may use this product to wipes the gums of their babies in case it is difficult for them to brush their teeth at a given point in time.

The only downside is that this product can be purchased only online. It is only rather expensive as it costs approximately between Rs. 400 and Rs. 1000 for a packet.


Even if you must purchase the product online, do so ONLY after consulting a dentist.

So, be happy and let your baby enjoy the best phase of her life!