It’s the summer and there is no better place to be than in a body of water. I love swimming, snorkeling or merely lying afloat in the water. It not only cools the body but also rejuvenates the inner soul. Funny enough, my little toddler son is ‘addicted’ to water as well. Now, that is what I would call a father-son bond made in heaven!

Tim – the swimmer

Tim (name changed) enjoys playing around in a swimming pool. He loves it and I must say that it is no child’s play to get him out of the swimming pool. However, I had to wait for a while till I could let him explore the world that I love so much. As a swimmer, I believe that one must feel at one’s best for them to truly enjoy the moment. The right type of swimsuits, swimming trunks or the likes allow you to swim better and ensure a greater freedom of movement.

To me, this is aspect is applicable even towards little babies. My little man-cub is not too comfortable wearing anything that has plastic as its base. At the same time, most swimming pools are rather strict about the attire that the swimmers (even babies) wear. So, what could I do?

My ultimate solution

After many inquiries, I discovered a rather interesting attire and decided to let Tim be the guinea pig (with all good intentions indeed!). To my surprise, it worked wonders.

The Swimming Briefs by Decathlon are specially designed for children weighing between six kg to 11 kg and  11kg to 18 kg. i.e children between the ages of 1.5-years-old to four-years-old. In short, your little baby is the ideal customer! Although polyester has been used to manufacture this diaper, its main component is cloth or fabric. Thereby, reducing the chances of your baby having to deal with diaper rashes. As a result, Tim can enjoy his two-hour-long swimming sessions without my wife and I worrying about changing his diaper every 20 minutes.

Wondering why?

The other diapers bulge out like a bubble due to the gel present in them. This makes it rather uncomfortable for the baby even when they are wearing a ‘wet suit’. You are unlikely to witness anything as funny as with the swimming pants.

Cost and Reusability

Unfortunately, this amazing outfit is not reusable and would have to be disposed of after its use. Hopefully, there would be a solution to that too someday. But I must say, it is worth every penny that I have spent. These diapers cost about Rs. 100 per diaper and is sold in a pack-of-10. Like I always say, it is your baby’s skin and well-being that matters more than anything else in the world. Hence, I would not think twice about a product that allows Tim to have fun and can guarantee me of causing no major health concerns.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let your baby enjoy the summers just like you would love to! Happy swimming!