The chewing tube: Your baby’s best friend

The chewing tube for a baby

Are your worried that your baby would not be able to chew and relist the food that you serve her Fear not! Recommended by’s in-house paedodontist, Deepesh Prajapathi,  the ‘chewing tube’ can help relieve you of the stress.

What is it?

A chewing tube is a tool that could help improve your little baby’s oral motor skills. i.e It would help her open and close her jaw while speaking and feeding, strengthen the up-down biting motion and more.

How does one go about using it?


  1. Place the chewy tube into the side of the mouth
  2. The ‘bitable’ stem of the tube should be placed on the cutting surface of the molar teeth and gums.
  3. Allow the baby to chew the tube.

This would help improve the baby’s sensory input into the jaw and help improve jaw stability.


The chewing tube: Your baby's best friend
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The chewing tube: Your baby's best friend
Find out more about the chewing tube and see how it can work wonders on your little baby from's in-hour expert.
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