Book: GOOD BOOK FOR KIDS; Authors: Dr Umesh Vaidya and Krisha Krishnani, Publisher: The Write Place, Price: Rs. 799

A wise person once said – Patience is the secret of good food. No offense, but with mother dearest and grandma around, food for your baby is truly an adventure. Not only are you given a wide range of options to choose from, you are bound to abide by their ‘sometimes’ unscientific points of view.

Today, however, the game has a few new players. In the era of Google and Mobile apps, one is left with too many alternatives with regards to seeking the best baby care advice. The dilemma is more evident when parents are yet to take a call on the eating habits of their little babies.

Now, wouldn’t you like to have ONE solution to this problem?

For those of you who yearn for a useful and practical solution to all your queries related to baby food, look no further. Grab a copy of ‘GOOD FOOD FOR KIDS’ and feel confident while taking care of your little one.

What is the book about?

With a foreword by the popular chef Sanjeev Kapoor, this book elaborates on anything and everything you need to know about your child’s nutrition needs. Compiled by Paediatrician Dr Umesh Vaidya, it emphasizes the need for graduating the baby to different types of food and tastes at various stages. The book also includes certain practices that parents should follow as their little one graduates from a tiny tot to an energetic kid.

Wondering why you should read it? Well, here are three reasons for you to do so:

1. USP: Homely meals for your baby

The books unique section on traditional home-cooked meals is one of a kind. ‘GOOD FOOD FOR KIDS’ also provides a wide range of recipes that parents could consider trying out to help meet the nutrition needs of their children. These pan-India recipes range from popular semi-solid meals to solids food suitable for various stages of growth. Also, anyone would enjoy a healthy home-cooked meal. Even a baby!

2. Authentic and honest

This is perhaps the most truthful and factually correct publication for young parents. It also presents the views of many experienced childcare and nutrition specialists. Thereby, guaranteeing you of the credibility of its contents. Interestingly, some experts have also compared commercial products, in terms of their nutritional value. This information is useful for those who are clueless about the ideal eatable for their child.

3. No room for jargon

No, you do not need to know your medical terminology. ‘GOOD FOOD FOR KIDS’ is meant for the parent who wishes to talk to a medical expert, who is also a friend. Its simple layout and language are bound to keep you glued to it till the end.

So, go ahead. Get your own copy of the book and enjoy the world of food!