Good Food For Kids by Dr Umesh Vaidya and Krisha Krishnani
May 13, 2020


Authors: Dr Umesh Vaidya and Krish Krishnani

The among earliest challenge that you as a parent faces is food. The challenge looks even more daunting as you start to wean from breast milk and supplement it with semi-solid , and eventually solid food. 

The  ‘GOOD FOOD FOR KIDS’  can help you navigate this task with ease and help you confidently decide what is good for your child. Moreover, having a quick reference such as this will save the hours that would have been spent googling and researching. 

What is the book about?

With a foreword by the popular chef Sanjeev Kapoor, this book elaborates on anything and everything you need to know about your child’s nutrition needs. Compiled by Paediatrician Dr Umesh Vaidya, it emphasizes the need for graduating the baby to different types of food and tastes at various stages. The book also includes certain practices that parents should follow as their little one graduates from a tiny tot to an energetic kid.

Are you still wondering why you should read it? Here are three reasons why we think this is a great addition to your baby book collection.

1. Authentic and honest

Combining the views of several experienced childcare and nutrition specialists,  this book is perhaps the most t factually correct publication for young parents. Further, expert inputs have ensured that the content is credible. Dr Vaidya is himself a well-respected paediatrician and neonatologist with over 37 years of experience.  Interestingly, some expert contributors to this book have also compared commercial products, in terms of their nutritional values. This information is useful for parents who want to ensure that their children receive the right nutrition always. 

2. Unique Perspective: Homely meals for your baby

Home food is the best food, the old saying goes.  But what kind of home food is ideal for babies?  This book’s unique section on traditional home-cooked meals is can help you find answers to that question. ‘GOOD FOOD FOR KIDS’ also provides a wide range of recipes that parents could consider trying out to help meet the nutrition needs of their children. These pan-India recipes range from popular semi-solid meals to solids food suitable for various stages of growth. 

3. Simple and Easy to understand

Though written by clinical experts, the books has very used very lucid language, that you can read in the Kitchen or around a coffee table. The books aims to empower parents with respect to their child’s nutrition and food.  Its simple layout and language are bound to keep you glued to it till the end.

Well we’ll stop here, and will leave the rest for you to discover as you read the book. Do let us know what you think we’d love to hear from you. 

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