It has been months since your last holiday, and both your spouse and you are ready to take your baby out on his or her first long outing. Here are 5 simple tips to make your holiday with your baby memorable, fun and truly special.

1. Holiday location

The first thing perhaps when you want to take a break from the routine is to choose a place far from the bustle of city life. If you are choosing a location, try to choose one which is baby-friendly. Try to pick a  location where access to baby and toddler supplies is relatively easy. Else, you might end up having to pack quite a bit and lug it around. Try to make sure if the place has facilities for cleaning, washing and disposal of baby supplies.

2. Getting There
Road Travel

If you are travelling by road, drive steadily and carefully. It’s always good to carry a spare set of clothes, some water and some food when driving.

Fruits, like apples, banana’s, oranges are good for the road snacking. Also, disposal of orange and banana peels is easier than plastic wrappers especially in environmentally protected zones such as forest areas. If possible please fix a child seat in your car.  Besides safety, the child seat will keep the child comfortable.

Talk to your baby and help keep-alive their fervour for understanding their surroundings and in the long run will appreciate, nature and the outdoors better.

Air  Travel

Air travel can be quite enjoyable for both parent and child. However, some toddlers may feel a little bit restrained in the closed cramped cabin of you average domestic airline.

Colouring books or light toys could keep your baby engaged during the flight.

Overseas travellers should check the validity of their babies’ passports.

2. Place of Stay during the holiday

When it comes to your place of stay, choose a hotel, resort or a home-stay that is child and baby friendly. Having facilities like play pens, baby pools, and other kids’ recreation zones which could include activities like a sand pit is definitely desirable.  Ensure that the kitchen is equipped with facilities for storing baby food safely.

Also having simple amenities like a microwave on hand for heating food and preparing quick meals always helps.  Last, and most importantly, safety is of paramount importance during travel with kids. If going for a swim in a beach area, make sure there are enough life jackets around and expert guides/guards to help in case of an emergency

3. Food

Though infants will be breastfed, as they grow up to be toddlers they will take to semi-solids and solids.  As far as possible try to eat hot and freshly cooked food.

Besides hygiene and food quality, parents need to watch out for allergies. Some children are allergic to certain foods. Make sure you are prepared for it.

5. Supplies for your toddler

Pack enough blankets and sweaters in case you encounter cold temperatures. This is especially important if you are visiting other countries. You might have to deal with the baby’s jet lag also.

So if you are travelling to different time zone, give yourself sufficient time so that both your child and you can adjust to the change.

Diapers  must available in plenty too. It is always helpful to have a few medicines in hand. Taking care of your baby also means taking care of yourself. Hand sanitizers are a must in your baggage.  A pram and a baby carrier is useful especially if you are heading to a location where you are expected to walk for long distances.

American comedian Steven Wright who once wisecracked, ‘Babies do not need a vacation but I still see them on the beach. …I’ll go over to a little baby and say, ‘What are you doing here? You haven’t worked a day in your life!’ more cause for worry! Put on that ‘Baby on Board’ sign on your vehicle and step on the pedal, now that you are all set to go!