The perfectly imperfect ‘parent-child’ world

Most baby product ads are truly deceiving. They portray the child to be happy and adorable at all time, while the mother exuberates a glow that is brighter than a daisy. About five years ago, this was how I imagined motherhood to be. Today, I am convinced about the real deal!

Nothing is picture perfect in the ‘parent-child’ world. Your child is not always going to be that bubble of laughter. Yes. He /She is going to be cranky and shall bless you with many sleepless nights. He might also decide to reverse the day and night cycles. Indeed, it’s no picnic. But, I won’t trade this for anything in the world.


It’s simple. This is a life that you created, carried and are nurturing with your blood, sweat, and breath. You may have a few tough hurdles. But you are, undoubtedly, going to cherish every minute with this little human. To a mother, everything about your baby is a miracle. His hair, his tiny toes, and his ‘button’ nose will mesmerize you. His innocent yet beautiful smile in his sleep would make your heart-melt instantly.

Every moment with your baby would be a memorable experience. Each milestone of his would guarantee you an overwhelming sense of joy.

From one phase to another

I believe that every phase of motherhood is challenging in its own way. The challenges begin from the moment you conceive your child.

With a new-born in your arms, you constantly wonder if you are doing enough. The questions are never-ending. Why is the baby crying? Is he hungry or sleepy? Is he cranky or colic? The guesswork forces you to try everything. When he finally learns to talk, you are unable to be sure of what he is absorbing and channelizing. He starts walking, and your heart leaps when he wobbles. Amidst these worries is a hidden smile as well. I know I was overjoyed to see my little man crossing each milestone.

In a nutshell

Motherhood is sour and sweet. It is up to the mother to strike a balance and enjoy every moment. After all, it ceases to come to an end.

With each generation, the ideas of parenthood and its expectations are changing. Decades ago, only the mothers played an active role in raising the children. Today, fathers have started participating in the process as well. The concept of co-parenting is developing into a rather favorable practice.

In the meanwhile, the silent observer – the child, imitates and learns from us. We, the parents, also learn from them. Rightly so, the parents are no longer the decision makers in the relationship. Parenthood has developed into an equation that involves dialogue and reasoning.

At the nape of the next step of evolution, we are still learning how to shape the next generation. We are trying to mold them to be empathetic towards their fellow beings. We are working towards ensuring that they become sensible and rational in their thoughts as well as explore what lies beyond the borders set by the previous generation.

Then again, a parent must never stop loving and nurturing them. For the bullied becomes the bully, the abused could become the abuser and the unloved would become the tyrant. Love them fiercely and they give love.

(Parents’ diary is a series of experiences shared by young parents)

The perfectly imperfect ‘parent-child’ world
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The perfectly imperfect ‘parent-child’ world
Elizabeth Jacob, a mother of a baby boy, shares her views about parenthood in the present and why she would never trade it for anything else in the world.
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Elizabeth Jacob, a young mother, holds a masters in English Literature and is currently based in Chennai, India.