Most of us, generally, tend to be over-prepared for any future event. Be it the birthday or the “due” day, the frenzy begins well in advance. A few points to consider, while baby shopping,

1. Shopping for your infant

I remember my aunt knitting a sweater for her grandchild when my cousin was expecting. But these are sights of yesteryears.  Not many mothers or grandmothers today would have patience or time for such handwork. So, it is no wonder that online baby shopping websites and stores selling baby items around the locality have become quite popular. Some baby websites have checklists that one could consider while stepping out to shop for your infant. There are a variety of things these websites claim to be indispensable for your baby – baby sanitizer, baby nail clippers, baby mittens and so on. Make sure you make your own list before venturing into infant shopping.

2. The most shopped baby product

No surprises here, but by and large, the most shopped for baby product is the diaper. While there are several brands of baby diapers in the market, that which suits the baby is something to be ascertained by the mother with a bit of research and experience. Diapers keep both mother and baby at ease mainly during travel or time away from home. During such periods, regular checks and cleaning would be quite an arduous task.

A few of the best rated online baby shopping websites in India are,, and

3. The toys

I recently tried my luch at a roadside shop while I was contemplating on a gift for my best friend’s baby boy. We generally neglect anything sold in the roadside with a presumption that it might be dangerous. But I saw a lot of attractive play items and innovations at a cheaper price which is sometimes missing in the well-lit, air -conditioned outlets. One such toy was a glowing butterfly, which runs (it doesn’t fly, it a childcare product!). If it hits an obstacle, it turns around and returns on its own. Isn’t that a novel idea? The child or the mother wouldn’t have to run behind it. Some of the important dos and don’ts when it comes to selecting the right toys for your baby are as follows:

  1. Don’t provide toys that have small, removable parts. The baby may swallow them.
  2. Make sure the toys don’t have any sharp edges.
  3. Provide toys made of soft, nontoxic material.
  4. Make sure the toys can be washed and kept clean to avoid any hygiene issue.

“Which toy for which child” is a prominent consumer’s guide available online. It helps you to make appropriate choices and selections.

The Age Old New Born Baby Care

We are used to the current day methods of baby care, that we have forgotten our age-old baby care systems. The baby diapers are undoubtedly easy to use. But a cotton underwear changed regularly is the safer option. The baby is protected from rashes and stays at ease with the use of cotton underwear though it requires constant checks and changes. A baby cradle in the traditional form of a hammock (Thooli – in Tamil) keeps the baby comfortable than any glossy piece of paper or cloth. The use of ‘paladai’ (traditional vessel in the shape of a lamp for feeding babies) is more comfortable for infants than their feeding bottles.

 “The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.”

–              Rajneesh