It is more than popping out a human being

She not only adorns the hat of a mother but also that of a wife and an employee. My conversation with Vidya Nair, a journalist at a leading English daily, provided insights into a world known to precious few.

Parenthood to this working-mother was more than a mere phase in life. This is her story:

From discovering the change

The experience has been a mix of emotions. Every day is a new day.

It was rather amusing in the initial stages. I was unaware of my pregnancy for two months as I was shuttling between two districts of Kerala in the name of work. Irregular periods were not a matter of concern. For I was bound to experience such issues during stressful phases. Moreover, I had not suffered from any sort of sickness or headaches. A while later, I began sensing an experiencing an unusual fatigue. This prompted me to use a pregnancy kit, which had confirmed the reasons behind the state of my health. I would say my reaction to this rather interesting discovery was – Bang on!

Till the D-Day

Life seemed to be a cakewalk until the dawn of the seventh month! Soon, it was indeed hideous. I had developed cholestasis and my entire body began itching a lot. The doctor’s told me that only a few women are diagnosed with this pregnancy-related concern. I was also not permitted to consume antibiotics. Furthermore, the last scan also showed that my baby was rather big. Hence, the experts felt that I would find it difficult to push the little one out.

Finally, after dealing with labor pains for one-and-a-half days, the physicians opted to proceed with a cesarean section (C-Section). Unfortunately, they could not administer any painkillers after the procedure as I am allergic to diclofenac, the main ingredient of painkillers. Yes, it was an unforgettable moment.

God! All of this sounds rather dramatic. Honestly, it was not as challenging. In the end, you are convinced that the little human in you needs to ‘pop’ out some way, somehow.

Lessons of motherhood

Being a mother teaches you one of the most valuable lessons of life – Patience. Although I am capable of being calm and composed most of the time, this job requires more than a few deep breaths.

The life of a working mother is no child’s place. Juggling work and your baby does become taxing when you are denied a good night’s sleep on a regular basis. Also, your baby tends to become more adamant with each day.

Then again, it is part of the game and the learning continues.

It is more than popping out a human being
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It is more than popping out a human being
A working-mother shares her story about being a new parent.
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