Baby clothes are galore for you munchkin. From Red Rompers to Dhotis, those dressing up little munchkins ,  especially mommies,have a wonderful time. Babies are the cutest persons in the whole wide world in any attire they adorn! How do you choose the best clothes for them ?

Ruffled-up skirts, shirts, jumpers, rompers, frocks, shirts, t-shirts, ethnic wear and the list are never-ending – the list of baby clothes is endless! There are even salwar-kameez sets, dhotis and other traditional attire for babies in the market today. It is quite common to find prints like ikkat and kalamkari on baby clothing.  With such an endless selections, parent many-a-times go on a purchasing spree, only to realise that your baby has out-grown the clothes you bought a month ago.

Here are some suggestion on how go about choosing dressing up your baby.  We interviewed Jayashree Mohan, Founder, Snoogums India to find out more about baby clothtes

Baby clothes – Up to the age of 6 months

Whether you visit the store, or order online baby clothes are arranged according to age group. 0-3 months, 3 – 6 months, 6 months to year, a year to 18 months. This makes it easy to choose. The table shows on average the babies length according to age

Age BoysGirls
Birth49 cm – 51 cm48 cm – 50 cm
3 months60 cm – 63 cm58 cm – 61 cm
6 months66 cm – 69 cm64 cm – 67 cm
9 months70 cm – 73 cm69 cm – 72 cm
12 months74 cm – 77 cm72 cm – 76 cm

(Disclaimer: These are only indicative, and not suggestive of babies normal development. Please consult your doctor to asses your baby’s development).

For more information on baby development click here

Until your baby turns 3-months-old, he or she is often seen enjoying long power naps. They tend to coil up into a fetal position.

Most importantly, your baby’s skin is extremely delicate. Hence, draping them in clothes made from soft yet light fabrics is ideal. You might also have to change your baby’s clothes often. So, try using clothes that that are easy to wash and dry.

Baby clothes - Baby frock
I like my white frock mommy 🙂

Two-month-old babies love vibrant colors. Enjoy dressing your baby is fun and happy colors. After all, your baby is bound to look charming in anything he or she wears. You could even try draping them in clothes with cartoon characters printed on them.

Keep in mind the weather  while choosing the right clothing for your little one. For those of you who live near the coasts, cotton or khadi, clothes will be ideal for your baby especially during the hot summers. Keep your baby comfortably warm. So, if you are residing in a place that is cold for most of the year,  use clothes made from thicker fabrics.   These choices will assure you of a happy baby all the time!

Baby clothes: For 7-month-olds and above

Now, you could try dressing up your little angel in clothes made from terry cloth, gingham, seersucker, polyester or corduroy. At night, or during play-time, The most preferred option are still cotton clothes or light woolens, depending on the weather.

Your baby can even spot a fancy look during special occasions. Clothes made from satin, taffeta, tulle etc. look glossy and are safe for your baby.

For babies who love with winters, flannel, fleece, mink, wool and clothes made from similar materials are ideal.

A few useful tips for selecting baby clothes

  1. Buy clothes that are colour-fast
  2. Try using clothes with press studs in place of buttons that are more comfortable for your baby

You could try your hand at a few accessories. Hair bands, hair ties, socks and a lot more – these make your baby look cuter than ever before. Tip: Use comfortable hair bands – preferably made from cotton.

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