Pregnancy is a beautiful and very memorable phase in any woman’s life. The post-natal period with your little toddler is even more enticing and eccentric in its own way. Every day unfolds new experiences that you would want to freeze for eternity. This article is about making the journey indelible and fun for your baby and you. I am going to be talking about how a baby develops as each month progresses and what activities/games that your little munchkin will enjoy.


While your newborn spends most of the time feeding and sleeping, your baby is trying to get used to the new environment. Hands and legs might look a little curled as it might have been in the womb. Plenty of sleep and timely feed are what your baby requires the most at this stage.

By one month, the baby becomes more lively and social. He/she tries to lift heads while on his/her tummy. Vision and hearing have improved noticeably. This is when you should start introducing more colorful objects as they find it very alluring and keeps them active. They start listening to sound. Talk to them and be expressive. O-balls with holes in different colors can be given to them to encourage hand movements.

A two-month-old baby’s vision and hearing ability improve tremendously. This is when most babies smile, so be ready to capture that priceless moment. The hand and leg movements become much stronger. A soft cloth book is colorful and attractive. Babies like to touch and feel the texture too. Reading to your baby before sleep is great as it augments language ability.]A three-month-old baby starts observing the language. The baby kicks and bats. He/ she try to coordinate hand movements and eyes. By now, the baby understands that mother is special and also recognizes the people involved in his/her daily life. Baby gym with pillow props is the best entertainment. They can still lie down comfortably and it is easily portable.

Babies in the age group of four months to six months are greatly attracted by sounds. They start developing tooth by the end of sixth months. They slowly learn to sit by themselves for a minute, roll over, crawl. Their neck and head are much stronger and steady now. They babble, make unique sounds, seek attention and can laugh well. Solid food can be introduced to your little one. A cradle gym/baby sitter balance, colorful piano/xylophones, Teethers is great for this age. Reading to them also helps with improving their language ability. Making different animal sounds and actions also work well with them.


Your baby seems to grow both emotionally and physically at a break neck speed. They learn to crawl, stand, sit, speak, understand, act, scribble and much more. A parent’s role is to talk more to the little toddler to enhance the language ability. Spend a lot of time because babies of this grasp most of it. Toys like stackers, ball poppers, colorful cloth/wooden books, shape makers, color matchers, big chunky puzzles, soft toy are a few of them that they enjoy. Loud rhymes, stories and videos also help them learn better. Fine motor skills, language skills, problem solving ability, memory development are best developed at this age.