A photographer, Diwali and babies

Photographing babies is my most satisfying assignment. Lately, many parents seek the help of professional photographers to capture ‘the first moments’ of their child. Special occasions, such as Diwali, are ideal for baby photographers. Yes, parents enjoy watching their children grow-up! As a mother of two, I can say that only photographs remind you of how time flies!

The perfect Diwali photograph

With Diwali around the corner, my work has become rather hectic. The festival of lights might imply fire-crackers and sweets to many. But to a photographer, it is an occasion to capture babies adorning ethnic outfits. It is also that moment when I can freeze their first festive moods.

Photo sessions for babies require a lot of planning.

Most often, I prefer discussing – location of the photoshoot, outfits for the baby and other aspects – with the family prior the photo session. In some cases,  the parents prefer scheduling a photoshoot prior to Diwali. They also insist on using custom-made props related to the festival are used during the shoot.

Facts to remember

One musn’t hasten the pre-shoot preparations to capture those precious moments of babies.

Patience is the key to that special moment. Indeed, being alert is a pre-requisite. Only then would you be able to capture some of the cutest expressions of a baby.

Remember: Babies are quite active and getting them to pose can be a challenge. I always allow them to play with baby-safe props or their favorite toys to make them content and happy.

This simple yet effective technique guarantees me a chance to click some of the most wonderful expressions of a baby.

Then again, candid photography is the best option.  For example, capturing a baby munching or her favourite delicacy.

Mostly, photo sessions for babies are held indoors. In doing so, the baby remains happy is protected from fireworks. The festive decorations, including electric lights that are set indoors, are ideal backdrops for such photographs.

Gifts for the baby could also be used as props during the photo shoot.

Lights, camera and action – tips for the photographer

A Diwali photoshoot remains incomplete without the apt use of light.

If you yearn to capture the best photographs by using the ambient light, you could use the following combinations:

  1. A low aperture value (i.e f/6 and below), slow shutter speed (i.e 1/3 of a second or less), and an ISO value between 100 and 200.
  2. An aperture value of  f/6 or lower, medium shutter speed (i.e 1/20 of a second to 1/50 of a second), along with an ISO value between 400-800.
  3. A low aperture value (i.e f/6 and below), a shutter speed ranging from 1/60 of a second to  1/100 of a second), as well as an ISO value of 800 or above. (Note: The higher the ISO value, the greater the chances of your image looking ‘grained’).

Remember, the lower the aperture value, the better. Your images are bound to look sharper and would have better clarity. As a matter of fact, fireworks could be used as the main source of light.

Patience is the key to a perfect picture of the little baby. If you wish to capture the baby in action, consider the third option mentioned above. However, the 1st and the 2nd options are ideal for ever-lasting memories.

The popular light and shadow effect could bring about fantastic results. If you are keen on using studio lights, try to ensure that the equipment does not generate a lot of heat or result in

Are soft-boxes necessary?

Studio lights, especially soft-boxes aren’t necessary unless requested by the parents. In such cases,  try to use equipment that does not generate a lot of heat. Such lights could not only irritate the child but also lead to a series of overexposed images.

In such cases,  try to use equipment that does not generate a lot of heat. Such lights could not only irritate the child but also lead to a series of overexposed images.

Reflectors can help highlight certain features of the baby, like the baby’s cheeks, her hair, or even the soft and delicate skin.

A few useful tips for parents

Here are a few tips for parents who would like to plan a photoshoot for their baby this Diwali:

  1. Make sure your baby is comfortable in the clothes you would like her to wear during the photo session. Choose fabrics that do not cause any rashes on the baby’s skin.
  2. Ensure that the photo sessions don’t disturb your baby’s routine.
  3. Never leave the baby unattended, especially near decorations like the rangoli or oil diyas.
  4. Include the baby’s sibling ( if any) through-out the session and capture a few candid moments between the two.
  5. Discuss your requirements with the photographer prior to the shoot. Keep her or him informed in case you wish to implement a few changes in the schedule.


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