The dawn of Baby Photography

The photography industry has grown immensely in recent years. It was wedding photography that began the trend with innovative shots during the ceremonies. Next, pre- and post-wedding photo shoots became a “thing”. And before you knew it, capturing baby bumps, the most memorable days in a woman’s life, became the rage. Where once they would have hidden them in stylishly cut clothing, celebrities now flaunted baby bumps on the cover of famous magazines. So it is no wonder that baby photography – which once upon a forgotten time, simply meant lying your baby on her belly to get an adorable click – has had to take creativity to a totally different level to keep up with the times. Thus, came the advent of  baby photography .

New parenthood, possibly the most sublime joy ever, would long you to freeze those cute moments with your newborns and toddlers for eternity.  Although, the touch era has made photography simpler than before, the joy of a professional ‘baby’ photo-shoot – with props and unique backdrops is unique. The reasons are many – ranging from a fun activity to the parents to capturing a photograph that is worthy of a custom-made frame.

This article is all about planning a baby photo shoot and simultaneously having fun with your baby. These are few tips and tricks to make the whole experience more memorable.

Timing matters

The best time to plan for a baby photo shoot is typically 4 or 5 days after birth. That’s how the “aww-so-cute” photos are shot. The baby is as yet unaware of her launch into the world and remains curled up as though still in the womb, making it a great time to portray the baby beautifully. Baby photo shoot can also be done after a couple of months where the baby is quite aware of what’s happening around. The parents have the final word.


Babies prefer to be warm. The weather condition should be kept in mind before planning the shoot. If the shoot is to happen in a studio, it is a must to check the temperature beforehand. If, on the other hand, the shot is taking place outdoors, checking on the weather conditions for the day is mandatory to keep the baby comfortable. The shoot might require the baby to be simply wrapped in a towel or having him  look as innocent as the day he was born.  It is important that  the temperatures comfortable for the baby. and an ideal temperature is maintained throughout.  Decide where you would like the shoot to happen – and discuss the session and ideas with your photographer.

Personalizing Photography

Though baby photo shoots are meant for newborns and infants, but having others in the frame helps make the moments even more lively. Though, your baby still gets most of the spotlight but including parents, siblings or pets make it more personalized and memorable. That cherubic joy of the whole family makes a great frame. What could look better than an entire family cuddling together?

Properties and wardrobe

Cute headbands, towels, baskets, balloons, pillows, comforters are few of the props that you might want to use during the photo shoot. Again, plan ahead on what you would like to use and discuss it with your photographer to ensure that you get the desired outcome. Discuss what colors would look good on the camera. Get your creativity going and plan unique shots.


Photos of sleeping babies are the cutest ones out there. Get the baby as exhausted as possible before the shoot. Keeping the little one active by compromising your own sleep might feel like a real torture but the pay at the end is handsome.

Loosen Babywear

It is important that you loosen the diapers and other clothes to keep your baby imprint free. Close up shots and lightings can make even the smallest of marks quite visible. Baby photography is all about capturing the baby beautifully.

Full tummy equals happy baby

A full tummy keeps the bay happy and calm. Ensure that you feed the baby before the shoot. The shoot may go on for a few hours so that it is essential that you feed the baby in between.

Speak up

Be specific about what you want out of the session. A few sample photos help a lot. Talk about the lighting; Natural daylight works the best. So, plan the shoot somewhere between mid-morning and to late evening. Discuss the kind of angles that you would prefer You have a better chance of getting those spontaneous, adorable moments of your child on camera if you allow taking random shots, with the photographer continuously clicking away.

Show yourself some love

It is your baby, and you are a huge part of the photo shoot too. Your joy  and happiness resonates through the photo as much as that of your baby. The photos look the best when you relaxed and well slept. And the reward for all your hardwork is being able to capture that perfect moment with your baby.

Finally, enjoy the moment

The shoot is all about having some quality time with your baby and family.  Smile and smile some more and let those photos be moments you will love and treasure forever.