“What’s in a name?'” say many. The truth – a name is a big deal! It is the first step towards becoming a unique individual.  In a world where animals and even vehicles are ” christened” by many, a person indeed has a right to do so too.

The most challenging of the naming processes are naming little babies. Not only do parents want their munchkins to have fabulous names, but the name must also exemplify their hopes and dreams for the baby.

So, how do you decide upon the best name for your little one?

Here are a few ways by which you could be assured of a fine name for your princess or prince:

1. Parents – take a firm stand!

This is your baby! So, dear parents, it is wiser for you to decide an apt name for your baby as you are responsible for the baby’s life (at least until he or she can sign for themselves). The elder members of the family are bound to have suggestions with the regards to the name of your child. But remember – you are going to be running around for the child’s passport and day-care admissions. So think of a name that would be easy to spell and convenient for your child to remember.

2. The scriptures help

You would be surprised to know of the meaningful names or terms used by some of our ancient scriptures! If you wish to be inspired and are yearning for a unique baby name – these documents can work wonders. Then again,  abide by the golden rule – easy to pronounce, easy to remember.

3. Meaningful rhymes win hearts

No, we are not talking about the ever-green “Twinkle Twinkle little star” and the likes. If you are blessed with twins or triplets and wish to christen them in a manner that rhymes, then you may do so. However, name them sensibly. You will be surprised to know that many traditional names rhyme with one another. Eg: Hari and Giri, Reeta, Neeta, and Meeta etc.

4. Neutral names -a safe yet mind-boggling

Let’s face it. A few names are quite popular among little princes and princesses. Names like Kiran, Krishna, Taylor etc. have left many confused due to obvious reasons. A suggestion – consider neutral names only when you are truly out of options!

5. A special ceremony

Naming your baby is a truly sacred event. Indeed, it should be done in a most meaningful manner. Do so in a small yet classy fashion as opposed to extravagant celebrations. It is indeed a pleasure to have your dear and near ones by your side as you initiate your baby into the life the ‘individual’. Some communities in Kerala do so during a ceremony called the ‘irupathettu’ which translates to 28, i.e the 28th day from the birth of the child.

So, the next time a baby needs to be named, consider the facts mentioned above. Let your baby’s name bring joy to your life.

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