At home with your baby on Diwali

It is time for joyous  festive season. Diwali is that occasions when houses come alive with the lights and other decorations.The festivities are incomplete without the traditional Diya or lamps. The terracotta lamps, the vilakkus – name it and you are bound to use them. Rangolis also adorn the entrances of many houses and add a certain charm to the household.

But today you have a little munchkin running around making your Diwali even more colourful.

Why must you use baby-friendly decorations?

With toddler around the house, Parents often baby proof their house, by closing plug point and relocating breakables to higher ground.  Anything bright or shinny could catch your baby’s attention. And the festival of lights is going to babies delight.  With a teething munchkin,  he or she is also likely to chew on anything that looks edible and Diwali Sweets are going to be on your toddlers radar. So will Diwali decorations, Diyas , Rangoli etc. , will be a magnet for your baby’s curiosity –  even the flames of the diya or an electric-socket could interest them.  Thus, as parents, we need to keep vigil and make sure our baby’s Diwali is as much fun and safe for our baby as it is for us.

Hence, alternative ideas for Diwali decorations are recommended by many experts.

Silks and battery lamps

Ranjana A Dhruva, a Chennai-based interior designer has suggested a few simple yet effective techniques to make your home brighter and better this festive season. She says:

“Colors play a crucial role. Festivals are about celebrations, joy and happiness. So, I recommend that you use fabrics that exaggerate various tints and shades of red, orange and even yellow. A simple way to go about this would include making cushion over made of glossy fabric that is washable and is a mix of different types of cotton.

Contrasts could work, provided they are either tints or shades of the same colour. For instance, you could use cover your pillows with a red cloth while the bedsheet could be a shade of orange.

Carpets can work wonders too. A carpet at the entrance with the apt type of lighting can help create the ideal mood. For a flame free environment you can use Battery diyas .

Here’s a tip: Ensure that the wiring connecting the lights are at a height and not easily accessible to the child. You could even use colourful and attractive masking tape to hide the plug-points. You could also use lanterns of various shapes and sizes that could be suspended from the ceilings.”

Here’s wishing you a bright, happy and baby-proof Diwali!