Diaper Dermatitis or Napkin Dermatitis is often seen on the buttocks of a baby. This infection could be caused by any type of candida or yeast.


There are several factors the cause such infection:

  1. The fungal infection is likely to occur if the baby is subject to prolonged exposure to urine.
  2. The baby is diagnosed with diarrhea
  3. The baby is unwell or suffers from thrush (candida infection of the mouth). The infection could also come from the upper gastrointestinal tract, the lower gastrointestinal tract or from a care provider.
Things to remember

Diaper dermatitis is often present in the deepest part of the creases - in the groin and buttocks. Hence, breastfeeding babies with thrush can infect with mother’s nipple area.

Recommended treatment

In the case of an early diagnosis of the infection, simple topical medication could be used only upon the doctor’s prescription.

First –aid care

These simple steps can help cure diaper dermatitis effectively:

  1. Keep the diaper open, as much as possible, when the baby is asleep
  2. Use barrier ointments to prevent infections caused due to dry skin.
  3. Clean the diaper area, gently, with lukewarm water and a mild soap
  4. Use disposable diapers. Change your baby’s diapers frequently
Prevention is, definitely, better than cure

Here are a few ways by which you can protect your baby from diaper dermatitis:

  1. Follow good and hygienic practices
  2. Avoiding sharing baby’s personal items  – especially their toothbrushes, towels etc.
  3. Try to ensure that your baby does not walk barefoot in public places
  4. Ensure that your baby is towel dried after a bathing session