The Baby Schema (aka the cuteness factor of a baby) has always grabbed the attention of a crowd. It is truly difficult to ignore the chubby cheeks and tiny hands of a little human being, even when the world is in a rush.

No wonder that photographs or videos of animals and little babies playing together have always led to ‘aw’ moments. The sight is not only appealing but also boost one’s mood.

However, many parents wonder if such behavior ought to be encouraged or not.

Babies with pets are healthier

Experts say that the presence of a pet in a household has many profound psychological benefits on an infant. While older children learn responsibility by means of caring for a pet, pets teach infants emotions like empathy. It has been observed that a pet cat or a dog can work wonders especially when the child feels lonely or sad.

Less prone to asthma

Interestingly, studies have shown that infants who have been exposed to pets are likely to be less prone to asthma and other respiratory problems in their early childhood.

When babies and pets are best friends

Ontario-based Veterinary Doctor, Vishal Murthy, also believes that getting children involved in caring for animals teaches can get them more active and engaged. They are also less likely to get bitten or hurt by animals in the future

But, what if the animal becomes aggressive?

 Veterinarians believe that no animal becomes aggressive unless they have been taught to be so. In fact, aggression is ‘learnt’ behavior.

For instance, some people who own dogs do not know how to train them and make them sociable animals. This could lead to injuries that are related to the ‘uncalled-for’ behavior of pets.

It could be noted that dogs are sociable in nature. Their default state is never to be aggressive or bite. But they tend to do so if they are scared or think they need to protect themselves. It is hence, important for owners to understand their pets and their fundamental nature before dealing with them in various situations.

So, the next time you see your little one play with your pet cat or dog, remember that the spent with the animal would indeed groom him or her to become a better human being in the days to come.