Day-care is one of the first decisions a modern parent needs to take. In modern households, its quite common to find that both parents are working and putting in long hours. At the same time parents wish the best for their children.

They aspire that children learn to interact with other people, learn from the environment around and, most importantly, are safe away .  The joint family and grandparents  came to the rescue and were the parents support system . Hours of grandmotherly games, toys and goodies were apart of the baby's routine. But, as millennial parents  move to larger cities, many-a-times away from grand parents and familial roots, they seek alternative support systems for childcare.

Children tend do well when they grow up in an interesting  enjoyable environment with lots of learning experiences. Thus, more an more parents enroll their toddlers in a crèche or day-care centers.

A day-care center takes care of babies while parents are away at work. All the needs of the baby like food, hygiene and activities are taken care of. Day-care centers cater to infants as young as three months. Most often, these institutions take care of them till they turn three-years-old.

Why Day-care ?

‘The first five years have so much to do with how the next eighty turns out’ – Bill Gates.

Most of us know how important the initial years of a child’s life are. This is when a child’s brain develops in leaps and bounds. The experiences that a child encounters in these nascent stages will be saved in their memories forever, and without doubt, have an everlasting impact on her life.

3 Reasons

  • The shift from day-care center to regular school is likely to be smoother for children who have been to day-care as they begin to understand the outside world better.they learn to be independent and adapt easily to the surrounding that they are put in.
  •  In a day-care center, all the children are treated equally. They learn to share, adjust etc. which are vital social skills.
  • Research has shown that brain development is much faster in the case of kids who go to crèches. They grow up to be more confident, more interactive and socialize effectively. Studies have shown that kids who are sent to day-care centers develop better communication skills. They learn to converse quickly and clearly.

    Choosing the best day-care center

Choosing the appropriate day-care center needs to be a thought through decision. Many choose a day-care center based solely on location and convenience alone. While this could be a criterion for selection, there are other overriding factors to be considered.

A key element of selection is your child's safety . It is very important to visit the center several times to take stock of how it functions. Also, Talking to parents who have experiences with that day-care center is crucial.  CCTV cameras are a critical component of the center's safety infrastructure. Parent should ensure that the day-care they choose for their toddlers has them.

Another factor to be counted is the number of children enrolled in the center and that of caretakers available.  Adult supervision plays a crucial role in your child's early schooling experience.

Hygiene and up keep of day-care is also a critical selection criteria. Physical factors such as hygiene and supervision are essential for a healthy upbringing of the child, while psychological factors are pivotal in molding a child’s character and attitude.

Other Considerations

A child needs to be compulsorily breast-fed at least till the age of one. This maybe difficult when a child is sent to a day-care center.

Thus, choosing a day care center is carefully thought through decision.  At the end of the day  it is a decision that the parents take in the best interest of the child.

Happy Parenting!!

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