Indeed, the first 24 months of a baby’s life is the most exciting. Not only are they enthusiastic, but also curious about the world around them.

Your baby is bound to keep you on your toes until she decides to take a nap. But, don’t worry. Each moment that you spend with your precious little person will be something that you would be proud to witness.

From learning how to recognise the faces of those close to her to running after the cat next door; each phase is bound to give you a lifetime supply of smiles, laughs and memories.

The pictorial presentation below depicts a baby’s progress with regards to his body movements until they turn two-years-old:

1. 1-3 months

Do not expect your baby to smile at you as soon as she is born. In a few weeks, he will start looking at your face intently. Remember: Your baby can see your face well only at a close distance.

Once the baby starts looking at your face intently, especially when you try to draw his attention, await the wonderful day when he will give you her first smile as soon as he sees your face. Your baby will try to turn to the side.  He will also follow various objects with her eyes and will gradually decrease her eye-crossing. Your baby will try to open and shut her little hands and would also try to bring them to his mouth. He will also try to reach out or take swipes at dangling objects, though he usually won’t be able to get them yet.

2. 4-6 month

When your baby turns six-months-old, he is likely to keep his chest and upper part of the abdomen off the couch, thereby maintaining his weight on the hands with extended elbows.

He also sits in a frog position with his legs bent and the soles of the feet come together. Your baby will also roll from his abdomen and lie down on his spine and gradually in the reverse direction as well. His head is likely to not bend backwards as much as it did when he was a newborn baby. Meanwhile, the back straightens out and soon he is able to sit up straight. Your baby also begins to try standing with some assistance.

3. 7-9 months

By the time your baby turns seven-months-old, he would be able to bear the weight on one hand. He is likely to start crawling when he turn nine-months-old. He begins pulls himself forward with his hands, while the legs are seen trailing behind. He gradually learns to raise his head spontaneously and repeatedly. Your baby also begins to sit on the floor with his arms forward for support. Soon he is able to sit upright without support for a few seconds.

4. 10 months – 1 year

Your baby begins to creep on his hands and knees with the stomach of the couch. Eventually, he intermittently places one foot flat on the couch, imitating the walking styles of a bear. Soon, he learns to stand by holding onto furniture or other objects and can pull himself up to the standing position but cannot let himself down. By the time he turns one-year-old he is able to walk.

5. Baby at 2

Your two-year-old baby will be able to walk and run. Interestingly, he will be able to walk backwards too. He is also capable of picking up an object without falling. So watch out for those precious crystal souvenirs at home. Your baby might try to snatch them from you or play catch with it! Then again, is it more precious than the innocent grin on the toddler’s face?