The rains are bound to leave you mesmerised. With the scent of the drenched, birds chirping and the kids splashing around in the mud, like ‘’merry” peacocks with their feathers spread-out. However, the monsoons also demand a great degree of caution. It is wiser to take a few precautions to prevent ailments such as the common cold, diarrhoea and so on. Here are a few home remedies that would help keep your little ones safe this season.

1. For the baby with the flu

A runny nose, the non-stop sneezing and sleepless nights caused due to a block in the nasal cavity are likely to drain the energy out of you and the baby. This could lead to many cranky days as well as a loss of appetite. Try the following:

• Keep the body warm: This should be the ‘ultimate’ aim. For which, you not only need to cover your baby with the right clothing, but also make a few changes to her diet. Try to avoid milk and its products, including curd. Milk is rich in proteins. When your baby is unwell, her metabolic rate is low. It is would, therefore, be difficult to digest proteins. It could also lead to the excessive production of phlegm.

• Steam: Use a steam inhaler as soon immediately after your baby’s first sneeze. If her nose is blocked, expose her to the steam for a while longer. The water, that is being boiled, could I mix with a few herbs like ajwain, tulsi and betel leaves. You could even serve your baby a satisfactory quantity of the same water.

• Drink boiled water: Boil about 750 ml to 1 litre of water (depending upon the age group) and mix it with ajwain seeds or tulsi.

• Avoid head and oil baths: Oiling could worsen your child’s health condition.

2. The coughing baby

It is truly heart-breaking to see your child cough throughout the day. These simple methods could make life easy:

• Serve your baby a herbal drink: The drink could be prepared from dried ginger, pepper, long pepper, curry leaves, ajwain leaves and palm jaggery.

• Another kitchen miracle: Crush a few shallots, ginger, sugar candy, a tablespoon extract of adathoda vasica and mix it with lemon juice. Give a teaspoon of the mixture to your little one every now and then. It will help them cough out the phlegm

• Steam: If the climate in your part of the world is drier than other places, then steam is a must-try solution. However, BE CAUTIOUS.

3. Oops! Loose motions

An upset stomach and loose motions are a very common accompaniment of the rainy season. It’s mostly owing to playing with or ingestion of unhygienic water but also because of the sudden chill in the weather can cause a heaviness in the abdomen and indigestion. Hence the first intention should never be to cork the loosies, rather you need to first lear the indigestion set the activities of the stomach which will eventually lead to normalising the motions. A step taken to the contrary can lead to cockiness in children or sensitive stomach issues.

• Avoid milk and its products, vegetables and fruits raw or cooked but a soup of vegetables and lentils will be quite a helpful supplement.

• Water boiled in fried jeera and salt can stop loose stools, correct the digestion and supplement the energy that has been lost.

• Food items like mashed potatoes, stewed apples help solidify the excreta

• Consuming water that is boiled with dried ginger also helps in healing indigestion. Once indigestion has been resolved, burp your baby and offer your baby some buttermilk or honey as to get rid-off of the foul tastes in her mouth.

• Dried pomegranate peels could be powdered and a teaspoon of it could be served with honey to abate the tiredness. It could also help prevent post diarrhoeal complications and fatigue.

4. What if your baby begins to vomit?

Fear not. Here are a few simple solutions:

• Allow your baby to sip on water has been boiled with cinnamon sticks. This will help to clear indigestion.

• You could even serve your baby the stock of the green gram to reduce any acidic reaction after vomiting.

• Raisins mashed in honey can also help reduce acidity

• Serve your little one rice porridge in such situations

5. The feverish baby

These home remedies can work wonders

• Porridge made from puffed rice (which has more water than the solids) cooked with dry ginger and long pepper.

• Avoid milk and products during this period, avoid oil baths

• Vegetables such as snake gourd, bitter gourd, bamboo shoots, leaves of oval-shaped cassia – These vegetables help abate fever.

• Thick yet comfortable clothing for your baby

These simple easy to do first-line treatments will help ease the process of monsoon illness and have a tension free monsoon period.