#100daychallenge Cute shoes for little baby

The #100daychallenge – Over 50 names for your baby girl

Our #100daychallenge has resulted in a special collection of names for your precious little baby princess. Take a look at the many names for a baby girl, presented as part of the Aim for the Name challenge. All names with the letter A Aradhana          5. Anupama Aswathi Ashwika Arathi E for… Enayat […]

Baby food Ideal food for your baby

Food for infants: The homemade miracle grain

Did you know that some food for your infants is, in a sense, part of grandma’s kitchen recipe list? Child nutrition expert, Nidhi Mehta, explains how certain grains and pulses can be further enriched to assure your child of a healthy growth pattern. She says: Amylase Rich Food or ARF is a good complementary food […]

#100daychallenge A baby sitting before a computer

#100daychallenge – Over 50 names for your baby boy

It has been 50 days! And the #100daychallenge has become more exciting! Take a look at the many names for a prince, presented as part of the Aim for the Name challenge. All names with the letter A  Aarav Aarush Atharv Adithya Arnav Aakash The Big B Bhavin                  […]

Baby diapers Decathalon's swimming diapers for your baby

Decathlon’s baby swimming pants: My baby’s best buddy

It’s the summer and there is no better place to be than in a body of water. I love swimming, snorkeling or merely lying afloat in the water. It not only cools the body but also rejuvenates the inner soul. Funny enough, my little toddler son is ‘addicted’ to water as well. Now, that is […]

Breast-feeding Little baby having breastmilk

The breastmilk checklist: Things to know

Ayurveda elaborates on a unique yet scientific set of facts surrounding breastmilk. The scriptures present several details regarding the formation of breast milk, ejection and the quality of breastmilk. Breastmilk – quick facts The Ayurvedic texts state that the production of breastmilk takes place only three days after the woman delivers her baby. Until then, […]

preconception Pregnancy is a shared responsibility

Preconception care – the Dos and the Don’ts

Prenatal care is not only the responsibility of the pregnant mother but also of the entire family. This support system plays a crucial role in assuring the healthy lives of both the mother and baby. It is, hence, important, that the care and supervision are also provided during the preconception period as well. Why is […]

Health care Cute feet of a little baby

Vaccination for your baby: 14 FAQs

A newborn baby’s ‘immature’ immune system, makes him or her vulnerable to many diseases. The vaccines are prepared from similar types of germs which produce these illnesses, to weaken or kill the germs. Thus, they help to combat ailments. Each dose, however, must be given as per the recommendations of the healthcare authorities of the […]

Baby Ayurveda care Annaprashanam ceremony or Chor Oonu ceremony at a temple in Kerala

How Indians introduce solid food to their babies

Indians, for generations, have celebrated every milestone of a human being’s life. The various customs associated with Indian culture are fine examples of such occasions. Interestingly, these are not mere traditions as most people deem them to be. On the contrary, each of these practices are governed by scientific and medical facts. To begin with, […]

#100daychallenge A baby sitting before a computer

The ultimate #100DayChallenge for baby names

Naming your little baby is truly a herculean task. Not only does a parent want their child to have the best of names in the world, they also wish to call their child by a name that is powerful and sometimes inspirational. Peepom.com presents the ultimate #100DayChallenge – called the ‘Aim for the Name.’ How […]